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Spoga Horse in Germany, a success thanks to our Retailers!

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The Asmar Equestrian team would like to thank all those that visited our shop at Spoga Horse 2011. The All Weather Rider Jacket™ was the talk of the show after being short-listed for an innovation award in the Rider Clothing category.

Check out the YouTube clip:

The entire line was all very well received and appreciated with its technical fabrics, sophisticated design and overall top quality. Everyone loved the colorful new Women’s Polo Shirts and were in absolute awe of the Dressage Tails Coats which are due to be out at the beginning of October.
All of the outerwear – the All Weather Rider, Hunter Jacket and Rider’s Vest – simply flew off the racks.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new retailers from countries including Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, France and Japan to name a few, and thank everyone that made purchases at the show.

For a complete list of all retailers and to see the latest from Asmar Equestrian, please visit the website,

The All Weather Rider™ Jacket is the Editor’s Pick

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The Chronicle Connection recently featured The All Weather Rider™ Jacket. See what this independent review had to say about it…

(for a PDF copy of the article please click here)

I’m a self-professed crazy coat lady. I collect and hoard outerwear. I have eough jackets to get me through three entire weeks without wearing the same one twice.

But the Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider coat has monogomized my dressing habits. “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” is the question I’ve been asking myself almost daily since I got this jacket early this spring.

Noel Asmar, a lifestyle brand designer and amateur rider, started asking that question a few years ago when she couldn’t find an allweather jacket that really worked in the saddle. So she set out to make a prototype coat that would stretch, breathe and withstand the elements, and voila! The Asmar All Weather Jacket was born.

To make her nearly knee-length coat functional on and off a horse, Noel built in a lot of bells and whistles. There are zippers galore—up the front, of course, and on the sleeves and detachable hood. But there’s also a zipper from the small of the back (where there also happens to be a tasteful reflective strip for safety on those hacks at dusk) down to the bottom, allowing for a hidden gusset to open up and cover the cantle of your saddle. And there’s another hidden gusset on the front to cover the pommel; two fabric flaps snap back inside the coat for casual wear and fold out and zip up over your saddle when you’re riding.

The All Weather Rider is thoroughly waterproof and windproof, and I’ve found that all types of hair, whether equine, canine or human, brush off easily. (As an aside, I can also personally vouch for its resistance to gelato and guacamole.) It also has built-in fitted cuffs to keep water, hay or whatever other annoying matter you come across from going up your sleeve.

Plus, it just looks great. It’s a slim European cut, but you don’t have to be a six-foot, 120-pound dressage rider to look great in it—God knows I’m not! But I’ve gotten compliments on this coat everywhere—from a hack through the rolling foothills of the Virginia Piedmont to an evening out in downtown Washington, D.C.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I don’t like about this coat, and it’s difficult to come up with anything. On especially gusty days, the wind does have a tendency to catch the gussets and set them flapping now and then, but I don’t find it hinders my riding. I suppose if I had an uber-spooky horse, I might feel differently.

My only other caution to potential buyers is that, while it’s the perfect weight for three seasons, the All Weather Rider isn’t likely to work as a summertime rain jacket. The fabric is bonded with a lightweight fleece backing, which is great because it isn’t bulky, but it’s definitely warm—too warm to endure in a summer thunderstorm. Other than that, I give this coat two thumbs way up. I’d throw in a third if I had one!

—Editor Kat Netzler

Asmar Equestrian sponsors leading dressage rider

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High-fashion clothing manufacturer, Asmar Equestrian, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of 21 year old, Nottinghamshire-based dressage rider, Sophie Wells.

Grade IV Para rider Sophie is on the World Class Para Dressage Performance Squad and the BD Young Rider (able bodied) Prime Squad – she is the first Para rider to be selected to compete for both teams. Sophie won team Gold at the 2010 World Equestrian Games Para event.

Sophie was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, a foetal condition that affected her hands and ankles. Despite losing many fingers and having restricted limb movement, Sophie is one of the country’s leading young riders.

Asmar Equestrian CEO, Noel Asmar, says she is delighted to be supporting Sophie’s continued journey to excellence. “Sophie is an inspiration and a great ambassador for the sport of dressage, which is why we are delighted to sponsor her and help Sophie reach her immediate sporting goals. Her place on the able-bodied British Young Rider’s team is certainly a testament to her outstanding dedication and widely-acknowledged riding talent.”

Asmar Equestrian launched in the UK at BETA International 2011, winning the BETA Innovation Award for Most Innovative Rider Clothing with its All Weather Rider™ jacket.

“I am delighted to be working with Asmar Equestrian and to receive their support – they have such a great range of outerwear, show wear and warm-up clothing, and the styles are flattering, and beautifully tailored. It is nice to be waterproof and warm, yet stylish and with a couture-look,” Sophie says.


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A packed house at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival show grounds in Wellington, FL was the recent setting for the first annual Strut! Fashion Show. Asmar Equestrian, one of the sponsors, was met with repeated applause as models walked the Wellington Club runway wearing a selection from Asmar’s new collection. The show benefited JustWorld International, a not­‐for­profit, humanitarian organization working as a catalyst for positive change in the developing world by helping children in impoverished communities.

Innovative All Weather Jacket Recognized for Functionality, Flexibility and Elegance

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Asmar Equestrian returned from the annual British Equestrian Trade Association’s International Exhibition with the Award for the Most Innovative Rider Clothing of the Year 2011. Asmar won for its All Weather Rider™ jacket judged to be an “elegant, multi-functionalgarment, well tailored to allow plenty of movement and flexibility”.

The patent pending coat transforms to cover riders and most saddles from the weather. A hidden zipper gusset at the center back and front unveils awaterproof skirt to extend over the saddle. Zippers at the cuffs with a builtin cuff prevent hay and rain from entering the sleeve. The fabric is bondedwith a lightweight fleece backing for warmth without bulk. The fabric iswaterproof, windproof and stretches in all directions. The All Weather Riderjacket is designed for riders who want to ride in virtually any weather.

In accepting the award, Noel Asmar, CEO, rider and designer, expressed gratitude not only to BETA but the scores of retailers who have ordered the line of rider specific clothing designed to perform with the use of sophisticated technical fabrics that stretch to enhance the comfort and practicality of the collection.

Asmar Equestrian outerwear debuted in North America at AETA in January and in Europe at BETA in February, featuring a rich color palette and styles with a play on tradition highlighted by elongated silhouettes for a flattering, ageless style in and out of the ring.

Noel Asmar has been designing for some of the world’s best known lifestyle brands for over a decade. Inspired by her own love for the equestrian lifestyle, Asmar focuses on creating distinguished apparel with technical savvy and details that clearly define the brand.

Asmar Equestrian Wins Award for Best Stand under 32 meters at BETA

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ASMAR EQUESTRIAN returns from BETA Int’l with two awards. First for Most Innovative Rider Apparel of the Year 2011 and Second for Best Stand under 32 meters. There is a lot of excitement in the office.

ASMAR EQUESTRIAN is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC, owned and operated by Noel Asmar Design Inc. Asmar has been designing clothing for some of the worlds most elite hotels and spas around the world for nearly a decade. This established garment manufacturing company has recently added to their portfolio of brands – the Asmar Equestrian apparel collection.

In preparation for the UK launch, Asmar Equestrian founder, Noel Asmar, reached out to Simon Bidwell , owner of Exhibit – One in the UK, to build a booth that would reflect our booth in North America. Simon is a perfectionist ! His team worked diligently to ensure no detail was over looked… including sourcing our mannequins, steamer, hangers etc… We arrived to BETA with our stand built and all we had to do was merchandise – what a team !

Asmar Equestrian thanks Exhibit-One for everything they did to ensure a successful booth ! “Simon and I were communicating via email at all hours of the night “, says Noel. “ Simon is a true professional – an absolute delight to work with.”

Asmar Equestrian on the Runway in the UK at BETA

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Asmar Equestrian makes their official debut in Europe on the BETA Runway with an inspirational scene that presented a new sense of fashion for the equine fashionistas.  Asmar Equestrian Dazzles the audience with delightful details, hidden gussets come to life on the catwalk as the models unzip back and front skirts on The All Weather Rider™ coat to demonstrate how this award winning coat transforms to cover you and your saddle!